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TV Guide Italy brings the complete listings of the main Italian digital and satellitar TV channels. Users can view TV listings for the next 7 days, with the option to filter channels and select their own favorites.

The "On TV" feature gives a complete overview of TV programs on TV in every moment, together with what' next on all available channels, while "Prime Time" allows to have the TV listings starting from 8PM, so having an exhaustive view of the evening TV schedule.

The inbuilt search functionality makes easy to find any program just typing its name, and to see details and its complete schedule.

Thanks to the inbuilt social features, TV programs can be shared on multiple channels: Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS messages. Programs can also be added to the device calendar, together with a reminder.

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  1. Salve, ottima guida, ma consiglio di inserire anche i canali mancanti come: retecapri, classtv, qvc, hse, rtl1025, abc, frisbee,playme,neko,super tennis,acqua, winga, Lottomatica ecc.

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